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Smile! Love to sing, act and go out! Coffee rules and life is awesome! Demi Lovato is my idol.  Fav tv: Castle & Once upon a time :)

progress, yes!!

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 05:43am

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Wednesday Oct 10 @ 05:37am

maggieofneverland said: Can you explain the basic plot of Castle? I'm not sure what it's about, so idk if I wanna watch it. Thanks! -M


Yes!! But first let me warn you that whatever I am about to say will NEVER describe fully how AMAZING this show is…


Castle is a show about a mystery novel writer named Richard Castle (well….actually…. it’s Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle…he likes the 5 names thing…like Dumbledore…). So one day, there is a murder and the crime scene is laid out like one of the plots of his books. So Detective Kate Beckett meets with him and eventually, he helps out on the case. After the case closes and after a convincing phone call from his friend, the Mayor, Castle begins to shadow Beckett so that he can write a book (or six) based off of her. And one thing leads to another thing which leads to another thing and before or after one loong rainy day…THEY BECOME THE OTP THAT MAY OR MAY NOT (BUT MOST DEFINITELY MAY) DESTROY YOUR WILL TO SEARCH FOR A RELATIONSHIP THAT IS ANYTHING LESS THAN THE PRECIOUS BOND THAT THESE TWO LITTLE SHITS HAVE . I have never in my life loved a ficitonal couple’s story the way I love Casketts<3

Welp…that was long…if you need any more convincing…just watch the show.

I PROMISE you won’t regret it!


Wednesday Oct 10 @ 05:30am

Wednesday Oct 10 @ 05:03am
"My father" "dad"



Tuesday Oct 10 @ 02:32pm
Maybe Emma gets her ability to detect lies from David?


He figured out that Anna was lying right away.

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 02:32pm

Charming Family: A summary.

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 02:31pm
Charming Family Conversations
  • Henry: What do you suppose babies dream about?
  • David: Bullfighting.
  • Emma: Laser Tag.
  • Mary Margaret: That's not true!
Tuesday Oct 10 @ 02:31pm


So much sexual frustration in that 7x03 sneak peek.

Tuesday Oct 10 @ 09:56am
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